Student Sponsorship Form

The following form is for ACTOR team members to sponsor student membership in ACTOR. Enter the information in the form and the Project Coordinator will then contact the student with an application form.

Graduate students (masters or doctorate) who work under the supervision of a sponsoring ACTOR team member and whose thesis or post-doctoral research is directly related to ACTOR's mandate to enhance the analysis, creation, and teaching of orchestration are eligible for student membership. ACTOR student members can participate actively in discussions on the Mattermost communication platform and are eligible to apply for travel funding to present their work at a special student session at the yearly ACTOR workshop (4-5 per year) and for short-term exchange visits to work on a collaboration with ACTOR team members in another institution (4-5 per year). Students not selected for a presentation at the yearly workshop may still attend, but their travel and lodging would need to be covered by their supervisor or home institution.


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