Analysis Tools

The purpose of the Analysis Axis is to characterize, and derive theory from, orchestration practice through human and computer analyses of: 1) notated and unnotated music and sketches, 2) written texts and interviews with practitioners, 3) recorded audio, 4) listener perceptions and reactions to the analyzed music, and 5) how conductors and performers understand and achieve various orchestration goals. It addresses orchestration from the viewpoints of composer, performer, audience, and analyst, and its results will have an impact on the fields of music theory and composition, musicology, linguistics, signal processing, computer science, music psychology, acoustics, and performance science.

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Orcheil is a web app for the visualization of orchestration. The goal is to provide a clear and immediate representation of when an instrument is or is not performing in a piece of music. This can reveal, for instance, the instrumentation of a composite timbre, or the role of orchestration in articulating form. It is a timbre-first visualization of music.

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