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New Students

Hello new ACTOR student members! Welcome to the Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration Project!! We are excited to have you on board.



ACTOR - current student Committee reps and Post-Docs

If you have any questions, or just want to reach out to any of our (very friendly) research team, please feel free

  • Student rep. on Executive Committee:
    Kit Soden, PhD Candidate, McGill University (and interim ACTOR webmaster).
    Email: kit.soden[at]

  • Student rep. on Training & Mentoring Committee:
    Dominique Lafortune, PhD Candidate, McGill University.
    Email: dominique.lafortune[at]

  • Student rep. on Knowledge Mobilization Committee:
    Axel Chemla--Romeu-Santos, PhD student, IRCAM.

  • Post-Doc, Output Innovation Axis:
    Jason Noble.
    Email: jason.noble[at]

  • Post-Doc, Analysis Axis:
    Julie Delisle
    Email: julie.delisle[at]


Here are opportunities for funding and travel that you have access to as an ACTOR Student Member:

Student Presentations At ANNual Workshops

Each year, student members in ACTOR will have the opportunity to submit presentation proposals about work they are doing that aligns with the ACTOR mandate.  Four or five students will be selected to present their work at the yearly ACTOR Workshop.  Those students’ travel, lodging, and meals will be fully funded by ACTOR.  Student presenters will also be able to attend the other sessions at the ACTOR workshop and will be asked to serve as note-takers to assist the session chairs in preparing the session summaries.

Application Form

Student Exchange

Student members will be eligible to apply for a student exchange to an ACTOR partner institution other than their home university.  Students can receive up to $2,500 towards their exchange visit and benefit from direct access to resources, facilities, and supervision available only at the host institution they will visit.  This work will enable students to develop real connections within the larger ACTOR community and lay ground work for their future careers.

Application Form 



The link to our Data Repository

 ACTOR on the WEB





Get involved

How can you get involved besides your orchestration-related research?

  • Participate in discussions on orchestration analysis, creation and teaching issues on the Mattermost platform.

  • Our Social media team is always looking for more teammates.

  • Newsletter editorial and collection – help out with the bi-monthly newsletter.

  • Online Orchestration Resource – get in contact with Jason Noble and Kit Soden (contact info above)if you have ideas or content or anything that can help us build the best orchestration resource on the planet.

Please contact our project manager, Juanita Marchand Knight, to find out how to get involved in these unique ACTOR Project activities.