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TToW #7: Spectral centroid

Spectral centroid is an acoustical descriptor of timbre. Its value is obtained through a statistical measurement on the frequency representation of the signal (the frequency spectrum - see Timbre Term of the Week "Signal vs Spectrum"). As its name says, centroid is a spectral descriptor and corresponds to a specific type of estimation of the spectral shape (or curve)…

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TToW #5 : Shepard Tone

Timbre Term of the Week #5 : Shepard Tone

 In post #4 about Auditory Scene Analysis, we introduced some of the ways that sound components are grouped together by the auditory system. This has many musical applications, and also lays the foundation for some interesting auditory illusions. One of the most famous is the Shepard Tone, named for cognitive scientist Roger Shepard, which creates an illusion of perpetual ascent or descent. A quick search on YouTube will turn up many examples; here is a handful:

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TToW #4 : Auditory Scene Analysis

This is a spectrograph, a way of visualizing sound in which the y axis represents frequency, the x axis represents time, and darkness or colour represents concentration of energy. Looking from bottom to top shows how the sound energy is distributed on the continuum from low to high, and looking from left to right shows how that distribution changes over time...

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