Sub-axis 7

Generative Tool Development


Orchestration practice requires a vast knowledge of the properties and operation of musical instruments to solve complex problems. We will build upon computer-aided orchestral rendering of musical scores for perceptual studies and educational purposes to expand and develop new tools based on this knowledge. OrchPlay allows users to extract subsets of instruments to be listened to and tested in isolation and in their full orchestral context. Researchers can thus explore the perceptual effects of re-orchestrations and music students and music lovers can gain a full understanding of how the many instruments interact in complex musical textures.

In contemporary classical music, where timbre has become a primary structuring force, computer-aided orchestration tools help composers to fulfill desired musical goals by solving problems with instrumental combinations. Orchidea will help composers discover new timbres and textures. Systematic music analyses based on perceptual principles and experiments will be integrated into Orchidea. These developments will transform creative and pedagogical practice in composition, post-production, live performance, and improvisation.


Presentation on the format of OrchPlay