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Innovation in Music Studies


Innovating in listener-oriented music studies, ACTOR will develop a framework around how timbre can be used to structure music and provide emotional impact. Music-theoretic work on formal functions in music, processes related to rhythmic and thematic processes, and voice leading has laid the groundwork to expand theorizing to the role of timbre and orchestration in these areas as well as in interactions between timbre and harmony, and on historical approaches to timbre and orchestration. From this basis and from work in the Analysis Axis, ACTOR will develop theories of timbre as a form-bearing element in music, its role in the perception of formal functions in music and in voice-leading practice and perception, as well as interactions between timbre and harmony and the effects of performance on timbre. ACTOR will also explore extensions of timbre and orchestration theory to popular and non-western musics, to studies of the creative process in orchestration practice, and to timbre's relation to cultural theory.

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