Orchestration Post Doc Blog (OPDB) #2

Hi there, my name is Julie Delisle, and I recently began to work on the ACTOR project as a post-doc on the Analysis Axis with Stephen McAdams and Bob Hasegawa. I feel very lucky to be part of this ambitious and really exciting research project!

As a flute player, I have spent several years performing orchestral and chamber music, both on modern and period instruments, as well as contemporary music and experimental improvisation. As a researcher, I am interested in music technology, acoustics, computer science, and everything related to music in the 20th and 21st centuries, especially the use of live electronics, and the study of creative processes and orchestration techniques in contemporary music.

In the ACTOR project, I am developing methodological and computational tools for the analysis of instrumental timbre with acoustical descriptors, in order to collect more data on instrumental sounds and maybe find out special features that could explain sound phenomena such as blend or acoustical reinforcement between instruments.

Having spent many years abroad and being very curious about foreign languages, I also see myself as a kind of liaison agent between the ACTOR partners. In this regard, my aim is to help sharing knowledge and literature among our French, German and North American collaborators. As well, one of my goals is to disseminate our discoveries and tools to all kinds of music lovers: performers, composers, sound artists, engineers, musicologists, and of course, all of you!

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