Orchestration Post Doc Blog (OPDB) #4

What a summer! One of the busiest of my life, with no clear beginning or end: the barrage of projects rolled from the spring straight into summer and through to the fall, as though it was just one continuous end-of-semester crunch. While there was nothing like an actual break to speak of, there was certainly a lot of travel. My ACTOR-related activities brought me to amazing events in four different countries, with fascinating people from all around the world….

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Orchestration Post Doc Blog (OPDB) #3

Between Speech and Music: Composing for the Guitar with Dialectal Patterns

Before my PhD, I played guitar a little bit: enough to accompany myself at open mic, but not enough to compose for it seriously. I never really felt like I got the instrument: I found it hard to visualize what is possible in terms of fingering, and I didn’t have a clear mental image of the vast range of timbral variations of which the instrument is capable….

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Orchestration Post Doc Blog (OPDB) #1

Hey folks, Jason Noble here.  I’m one of the postdocs with the ACTOR project, working with Bob Hasegawa and Stephen McAdams on the Output Innovation axis.  I’m thrilled to be part of this project!   

I’ve been part of the Music Perception and Cognition Lab at McGill for several years now,

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