OrchPlay Music

The OrchPlay software provides access to all individual instrumental tracks of the full orchestra and enable subsets of instruments involved in a particular orchestral effect to be heard in isolation or within the full musical context. This tool provides unprecedented opportunities for scientific research on orchestration perception, for computational modeling of orchestration techniques, and for orchestration pedagogy and performance practice. With this system, orchestral players can rehearse their parts at home with a full orchestra in a "Music Minus One" fashion. Any user's instrumental setting related to any section of the score (with measure nr. and time-based units) can be saved as a bookmark with individual name, description and relevant score pages for use in the classroom or public presentations. Bookmarks and Bookmarks Lists (referring to any compilation of pieces) can also be exported and shared with all other users. Standard stereo files can be imported as OPL files as well as any other related document and linked to them. The OrchPlay Music Library currently offers a selection of 100 musical pieces (from short excerpts to full movements) from the symphonic repertoire from late 18th Century to Contemporary.