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Breakout sessions #6

  • 20th-21st C analysis 2 [Stravinsky room] [20/33 responses]

  • Generative Orchestration [Studio 5]

Timbre analysis in 20th (and maybe 21st) Century music (Hasegawa/Michel) [Stravinsky room] (Continued)

Generative orchestration (Orchidea) (Cella) [Studio 5]
The focus of the working group will both consider the current state of research and tools for computer-aided orchestration and will discuss future directions and tools on this topic. Several computational approaches for musical orchestration have been proposed in the literature in which the problem is modelled as the search for relevant sound combinations within large instrument sample databases that could match a given sound target. However, all these approaches are bound to “time-blind” features, by the use of averaged descriptors over the whole spectrum, and do not account for the micro-temporal structures that are crucial in the perception of musical timbre. Also, this "projective orchestration" approach is far from being the only direction that can be explored in the domain. Hence, the working group will be dedicated to opening up new paths and designing new tools for orchestration, while trying to clarify how this can be instantiated and successfully implemented through  pragmatic collaborative projects in the near future.

Earlier Event: July 15
Coffee break
Later Event: July 15